To get an accurate assessment of your current cardiovascular health, we may need to order some tests for you. Most of these tests can be done right here at Northwest Cardiovascular Institute by our highly-trained, certified medical technologists. Our job is to make sure these tests are as easy, painless and convenient as possible for you.

During your appointment the doctor may talk with you about the tests you could need. These may include a treadmill or stress EKG, echocardiography, carotid ultrasound, lower extremity arterial study, nuclear adenosine and others (see our patient resource glossary for definitions of these and other typical cardiovascular tests). Some of these tests involve seeing how your heart and system react to exercise, such as on a treadmill, while others are done while you are lying down.

When you stop by the front desk after your doctor’s appointment you can schedule any tests that are needed. You will be given instructions about how to prepare for your specific tests, such as whether to eat or drink beforehand.

At your next appointment, your physician will talk with you about the test results. And then together, you and your health care team can continue the important work of ensuring your optimal good health.