Before your doctor comes in to see you, he or she will have a good sense of you, your background, your health history and your previous medical records. We believe providing this background to the doctor ahead of time ensures that you receive the best possible care. It also means you get to spend more quality time with your doctor. At your first appointment in particular, your physician will want to spend plenty of time talking and listening to you.

During your first appointment, your doctor will talk with you, do an exam based on your medical history and current health issues, and will discuss further testing, lab work or follow-up appointments that may be needed. Typical testing that may occur includes: treadmill or stress EKG, echocardiography, carotid ultrasound and others (see our patient resource glossary for definitions of these and other terms).

After meeting with your doctor, you’ll stop by reception to schedule further appointments or receive any additional lab orders. Now, you’re on your way — and we’ll see you during your next visit.